For Mondays

Some old postcards of Dublin, downloaded from ebay and mostly of O’Connell Bridge, Westmoreland Street and the Quays.  I love the colours of the cars and the boats and the clothes and the awnings over shopfronts which no longer exist.

postcard dublin 16postcard dublin 15postcard dublin 13postcard dublin 12 1947postcard dublin 11postcard dublin 9postcard dublin 8postcard dublin 7postcard dublin 6postcard dublin 5postcard dublin 4postcard dublin 3postcard dublin 2

postcard dublin 10

I also love the mountains in the last picture above.   My first memories of Dublin are of a wonderful place where you could see the mountains from the end of every street and every first floor window and although this changed in the 80s and 90s (as it had to), it is lovely to be reminded of what it once was.

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11 Responses to For Mondays

  1. maurice says:

    Lovely. Seems like there’s a book that might be written about the city and how it has changced over the years…

  2. photoncourier says:

    Or someone could write a song about it:

  3. El Sido says:

    Lovely, I can’t make my mind up if there is a sort of Italiany feel about some of them, or if I’m unduly influenced by the picture of the Four Courts.

  4. Gingivitis Rex says:

    Love the colours of the cars and the polite drivers… Oh how things have changed!! Any info about the featured building that says “Players Please” …. must be a story behind that?

  5. Gawd, the traffic is manageable, nay civilized and sedate; there is a profusion of Dublin transport, the buses look clean and prompt, the river seems to cleaner, there are nice barges and ships on it, the buildings are great colours, (okay, I know the prints were hand-tinted but still… it looks like somewhere the Wizard of Oz lives) and now you say the whole places was dotted with book stalls. Sort of like a mix of Venice, 1950s Rome and vintage left-bank Paris then. Where is my time-machine please?

  6. SDaedalus says:

    The taxis were also very smart!

    Much more of a continental city then than now… though the poverty off the main streets was heartbreaking.

  7. Mahon says:

    There’s an old CIE training video from 1965 taking us on a little tour of Dublin… the driver seems to really love Westmoreland Street. It doesn’t seem to have changed too much, but Pearse Street looks much more lively, and the absence of the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre and Central Bank is very noticaeble. Very strange to “drive” along Grafton Street (unfortunately all too briefly!)

  8. sdaedalus says:

    Thanks Mahon! Lovely video…. I remember going to Bewleys Grafton Street with my dad when I was little and there were cars on the street. And PUNKS… and the waitresses wore lovely black dresses… but that’s another story…

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