Checking Out The Girls, 1976

A New Year, like a trip to Stephen’s Green for this Sonny-from-the-Godfather lookalike, 1976, is always full of possibility…

checking out the girls

Which girl do you think he was checking out?  I reckon the one in the red top and - possibly and rather shockingly, given the contrasting sensible shoes - no bra.

What do you think?  Click to enlarge if you’re not sure.

About the preferred girl, that is. ;-)

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6 Responses to Checking Out The Girls, 1976

  1. Siobhan Hill says:

    Oh, I’d say that was in his peripheral vision all right! But actually he’s looking at something else going on at the left hand side of the picture (see man in grey suit bending over) which has also caught the attention of the two women behind the girl in the red top. We’ll never know!

  2. Agree with above, it may be something stage-left we can not see, although naturally, one prefers the girl in the red top theory. Love the way this corner of town has changed so little, although the Luas line to the west side of the Green, and in particular the new, soon to open Luas inter-connector might change all that, alas. As an old architecture fuddy-duddy and quality of life freak, I’m a bit worried that Stephens Green North, arguably the one truly elegant stretch of Dublin where the footpath is wide enough and the buildings still lovely and smart enough, is going to change forever. Although not worried, I hasten to add, especially to anyone who bought the Irish Times this weekend, in the same way as Ross O’Carroll Kelly’s mum! She was so worried Dublin North and south would be TOO connected: she thought the army should stage a coup. I just worry about crowded footpaths and the heritage aspect! Oh well…
    Happy New year, Sibling of Daedalus.

  3. sdaedalus says:

    Happy New Year, Arran! :-) Welcome Siobhan :-)

    Guys, I think you’re right! Something over to the left of the photo. I suppose we’ll never know now, what it was…

    Arran, if you click back on my posts, you’ll see a black and white pic of someone wheeling a penny-farthing just across from the Shelbourne… was just looking at that corner of the Green over Christmas and telling the person I was with about it… lovely how little it has changed.

  4. El Sido says:

    Uhu, what Siobahn says.

  5. El Sido says:

    What’s yer wan in the grey skirt wearing on her feet? Looks like army surplus socks. Perhaps shes from Mayo.

  6. Will S. says:

    Ugh. ’70s fashions were hideous; frump city!

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