The Phantom Coach of Newlands Cross

Newlands House, Newlands Cross,  Clondalkin, Dublin.   Haunted by the phantom coach of its original owner, the Lord Chief Justice of Ireland, Lord Kilwarden, dragged from his coach and murdered in Thomas Street during Emmet’s rebellion of 1803.

Outraged Irish legal society (you don’t mess with the Bench) secured speedy retribution against Emmet, bribing his defence counsel to secure a conviction and arranging for him to be hung drawn and quartered not far from the scene of the crime.

Sadly, this was not enough to placate the murdered beak, whose carriage, interrupted in its journey, continues to thunder invisibly but noisily to Newlands (now a golf club) more often than sleep-starved locals might necessarily like.

Sometimes it even halts halfway up the drive for ten minutes or so before resuming its journey; possibly to allow the noble but alas headless lord to improve his handicap…

Verification (for doubting Thomases) here.

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8 Responses to The Phantom Coach of Newlands Cross

  1. Default User says:

    Nothing much to say. Just thought my ghostly avatar seems appropriate for the subject. Happy Halloween.

  2. sdaedalus says:

    And to you, Mr Risen from the Dead. ;-) Are we going to see a follow up on your Romney-Obama post soon?

  3. Default User says:

    Mr Risen from the Dead

    I think that is Easter not Halloween….

    As to next post: I am not sure.

  4. Blue Blazer says:

    Wouldn’t it have been easier to just blow him up while he was relaxing on his yacht ?

    • sdaedalus says:

      Or indeed wait until the 20th century, when atrocity perpetration just meant spending a few years as a hero in jail before embracing the peace process and being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by you sentimental Yanks..

  5. Gingivitis Rex says:

    And n’er did a golfer loss a ball or it would be found by the headless Emmet who used the balls to practise on the course each evening after dark.. He’s hoping to be a caddy for our McElroy some day… or it said in Headless Horseman’s Gazette Weekend supplement last week……

  6. Blue Blazer says:

    ‘..the twentieth century..’ I wasn’t aware Americans were permitted to vote in Irish elections. And thus be held responsible for the social-affirmation of nihilist serial-killers. You learn something new every….now and then…on this Blog.

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